Saturday, 29 May 2010

Poem: Wave

Everytime starring on this place dyed in blue

Just like any ordinary day, feelings remains definite.

If it is waving and disappearing

During the beginning of the day...

The new day from the slightest worth

Just like cuddling

Little by little

The sun sets the journey bright.

Gently waving my heart, overflowing with wonders

Who watched over the silhouette of siesta?

Midsummer breezes the wind and sunlight

Entangling those hair

Let these feelings freeze suddenly...

Because thinking will not always follow the future

Only one person can calm these warm eyes

Embracing, give it to the sketch of blue waves

Take it together to sleep....

When it is aching without any reason

I will put these droplets of tears

Away from my chest

By myself.

Because thinking will not always follow the future

Only one person can calm these warm eyes

Embracing, giving an embrace to the blue waves

Take it together and sleep

...hands hold it tightly.


-A town on an beautiful island(exp. Tioman Island)

-you( the persona) are rowing boat to the other side of the island.


This poem is initially dedicated to the Tioman Island I visited few months ago with my course mates since it was the first time I ever see the most beautiful island in my whole life- eye-to-eye and face-to-face. But then I think could be much more suitable if I say it is about the challenges I face everyday in my life, from the beginning of the day to the end of midnight- and the cycle continues everyday...

Anyway, the poem is about a journey of a boatman who is from an island. He loves the scenery of the town he lived, especially during early in the morning. But today, he decides to find a better place which is the other side of the island. He really loves his birthplace so much but it is time for him to move on and search for a place which is destined for him. And so, he sets the journey on that very morning...alone.

...And the rest is up to your wild imaginations....good luck!!!

p/s: The original poem(or song) is copyrighted to the song Shiosai(a.k.a Wave) from the anime ARIA The Natural, sang by ROUND TABLE feat. Nino from the album Natsumachi...

Prelude of Sonata 16

The path of the snow I walk is white

But the people undo what is right

And leave this place alone, dark

Without any traces of wishful heart.

But the hands, the innocent hands I held for such a long time,

Are nothing more than helpless brat

Are nothing less than a cold help.

Scurrying, passing between the oaks and street,

Families cheering for the incoming Eve.

But me,

Were held loose by time, day and night.

“He’s stupid, he’s stink, he’s sucks!”

Are the words fly on me

As an insult to my existence,

But i’ve never plan it- so far.

And it is not my mother’s fault too

Nor my father’s selfishness


The snow that fallen on my cheeks are part of me

And there’s no need for tears to drop

Cause the snow will freeze this thought

And leave me alone on this old, wooden bench

Waiting for a hand, or two

To hold me up and walk this road again

But no one ever did.

The Eve is about to come but it is midnight

And the window on my right is still bright

And night falls, together with tears

And hungry ears

And grumbling fears

Shall be the instruments for the sonata tonight


winter, on a street in the Victorian era


Children who grow up parentless see the world in a different perspective than children who have their parents do. Aside from having to grow up faster, they tend to appreciate the little things more because they realize that the things we often take for granted are far too precious to ignore. For example, when a mother and a daughter are celebrating Christmas together, we often do not think anything of it. In fact, that just seems like a normal, common, everyday thing. However, through the eyes of a motherless children, it almost brings tears everytime she sees a mother with her daughter because she longs for that feeling of being able to shop for groceries with her own mother. Little things like that, that we often subconsciously take for granted mean the world to a child who is parentless.

The world already seems to be a massive, humongous place to a child as it is, but through the eyes of a parentless child it is far more extraordinary than meets the eye. Not only is it hard enough to grow up with both parents alive, but without one or both parents each day of growing up could be a little more difficult than yesterday was. Parentless kids think at some point daily, who is going to teach me how to put on makeup? How am I going to know what to do on a first date? Who is going to help me go school clothes shopping? How can I go to the mother son picnic if I don't have a mother? Questions that kids with parents have are already complex enough. For a parentless child, their eyes have to take a deeper look for their future, as well as their present.

Through the eyes of a parentless child, are things that even adults may never be able to see in their lifetime or even understand unless they lose one or both of their parents someday too. Aside from what parentless children see and how they perceive the world, are thoughts--countless thoughts and hundreds of questions that they will always be searching for the answers. Why did this happen? What do I do now? Where do I go from here? Questions that parents can usually answer for their children and guide them along the way are just everyday voids through the eyes of a parentless child.

So, do not take your life for granted and appreciate all the things you have right now....even if it might annoys you.